about us 

Tiny Rocket specializes in helping startups and small businesses create and launch their brand, develop product go-to-market strategies and even help established companies break through sales plateaus. 

Tiny Rocket, founded in 2009, is a purposely small, nimble partnership of 2 strategic marketing executives who each have 20+ years experience in the marketing and advertising industry.  In those years, we’ve been the enterprise client, we’ve worked for the big ad agency, we’ve worked for the scrappy startup. We’ve taken that experience to create a marketing agency that we believe is the best model suited for startups and small entrepreneurial-minded business: A lean agency.

April Beasley is the founder and "Chief Rocket Scientist" at Tiny Rocket Marketing. She began her career in marketing and advertising over 20 years ago on major brands such as Texas Instruments, Dell Computers, Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals and Verizon. In 2001, she was assigned a startup client at an ad agency and fell in love with their passion, creativity and energy. Through this experience, she found that helping entrepreneurs realize their products' full potential was her passion. So in 2009 April started her own agency to do just that. Since then, she's worked with multiple startups such as TippingPoint, TrackingPoint, REV33, Volt480 and emerging business segments within large corporations focused on startups and small businesses.